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Gay marriage? What about gay divorce?


by Joe Capko on June 26, 2013

Surely no public discussion of the benefits of gay marriage is complete without a consideration of the benefits of gay divorce.  Up until recently, it was absolutely impossible for gay American couples to obtain a decent divorce within their own country. While some, no doubt, traveled abroad to find the divorce of their dreams, this is hardly a reasonable cost for the ordinary gay couple to absorb, even if it’s for something they truly cherish. 

Take my neighbors, Paul and John, who lived for many years in a flat near mine. As couples often find, they too had drifted apart over the years and mutually decided to remain friends but end their romantic entanglements. After a short while, both were happily involved with others, but get this: there is nary a record of their prior relationship anywhere within their local superior court!  Would not such a record serve to validate the love they once had or might it not serve as a nice tribute should they stumble upon it whilst perusing records at the Office of the County Clerk?

Heterosexual couples have long enjoyed the right to divorce, so much so that many take it for granted – even those divorcing two, three, four or more times.  As luck would have it, some of the kindest people you’ll ever want to meet are your local divorce attorneys. In fact, I recommend making the acquaintance of one right away, perhaps as a drinking buddy. It must be said that some people are needlessly concerned with the cost of divorce. In truth, when compared to the benefits, divorce costs are trivial. An ordinary, run-of-the-mill divorce, say for the dissolution of a six-week marriage, can be had for slightly more than a 5-series BMW (comfortably equipped), while a truly magnificent divorce might run more than $500k.  The point is that there is a divorce for everyone and your local divorce attorney will help you find it.  One question that might come up relatively quickly in your discussions with your new attorney-friend concerns your net worth. Help the conversation along by having a number at your disposal – make sure to include the value of your wedding jewelry, wedding gifts and your children’s coin collections.  Here’s when your new friend will show his mettle.  If he’s anything like the lawyers I know, he will work within your budget. My observations suggest that an average divorce can come in as low as 110% of a couple’s net worth – many attorneys will even finance up to 9% of the total fee, although the finance fees are typically pegged at the legal limit.

Now imagine a gay divorce attorney and his melancholy as he tirelessly works on behalf of heterosexual couples making their dream divorce come true.  Imagine how he must have felt to know that his dream, half-a-million-buck divorce would never be his, even if he was willing to spend a cool million!   How he must be rejoicing right now! While we live in a world with many problems, let us take a moment to pat our backs and say that we’ve finally done it. Through our tireless and selfless acts of Facebook posting we have finally done it. Finally, divorce equality for our gay brothers and sisters. Welcome aboard, you’re going to love it!


HuffPo: It Was Obnoxious Enough in 2010


by HRIT Staff on March 12, 2012

Back in March 2010, Huffington Post published a mean feature in its "comedy" section entitled, "IMDb's Saddest Profiles."  HuffPo proceeded to mock struggling actors' profiles -- even including their names -- because, you know, its editors are just so much cooler than the rest of us. 

205 commenters smacked HuffPo down at the time, pointing out how rude and mean it is to ridicule struggling actors, noting how hard it is to get ANY work in Hollywood, and praising the fortitude needed to try to make a go of it in what might be the world's most competitive industry.  Couldn't find a single comment complimenting the piece.

And yet ... for some reason, HuffPo thought it would be a good idea to blast this a link to this nastiness out again via email today.  It was bad enough the first time!  And we can't help noting the irony of HuffPo's relentless ass-kissing lionization of famous actors, whom it invites to comment as "authorities" on everything from science to politics.  Do the editors think some kind of miraculous knowledge transformation occurs on the path from bit player to over-pampered celebrity?

Really rude, HuffPo


Snarky Rudester Bloggers Prove T+L Right


by HRIT Staff on January 24, 2012

First, Travel + Leisure shocked the world -- shocked, we say! -- by declaring New York City -- New York City! -- the rudest city in the nation.  Unprecedented! Oh, the inhumanity!  The sheer injustice of it all!  Since no one we know has ever had a rude encounter with a rude person in the rude city that never [bleeping] sleeps, we have no idea how T+L came up with such an unpredictable and incredible conclusion.

Naturally, the smarty-pants bloggers at Gothamist -- New Yorkers, Ivy Leaguers, elitists, masters-of-the-snarkiverse -- responded in the only sensible way:  by calling T+L "irrelevant" and its readers "sensitive." 

Of course, the irony here is that Gothamist revealed it's infinitely more sensitive than the average T+L reader (poor babies).  And when you consider that T+L's reach dwarfs Gothamist by, oh, 3-4x, it seems that relevance is in the eye of the beholder.

New Yorkers Aren't "Friendly" Enough, Say Sensitive Readers Of Irrelevant Magazine
America's Rudest Cities




Can You Hear Me Now, Rudesters?


by VZWatcher on December 29, 2011

Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading cell phone carrier, will begin charging customers $2 next month to pay a bill online or by phone.  Gee, a system that eliminates paper processing for Verizon, presumably saving the company millions of dollars while ensuring they receive payment immediately ... it's somewhat less than obvious why Verizon now needs to charge a fee for that.  (Apparently, they already charge $3 for you to pay them in person.  You can avoid the fees if you provide them access to tap into your bank account directly.  Funny how that one option is free.)

Of course, it's not really about what they need to do.  It's about what they can do to stick it to millions of customers who are stuck in Verizon contracts -- and generate millions of extra dollars in revenue without giving the customer a single thing to show for it.

Greedy.  And RUDE.


Verizon Wireless: Yep, That'll Be $2 To Pay Your Bill Online [CNET]


You Were Expecting Pyrotechnics?


by HRIT Staff on November 29, 2011

Well, we've all been there.  That symphony performance is just so, well, snooze-worthy.  Even when a loved one is playing, it can be hard to feign interest in that dusty, 200-year-old concerto.  So, what do you do?

If you're the Seattle-area mother of a teen musician, you shout "boring!" and then get escorted from the theater by police.

OUCHIE for this poor teen!  Now she has to add her mom's 'incident' to the list of high school mortifications. 

Moms, high school is embarrassing enough.  Try not to add to the pain, please!

How rude is that?

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


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